Schematic Design and PCB Layout


PCB and schematic design

  • Use of Altium Designer and Eagle Layout, for large and hobbyist designs
  • Import/export from Cadence, Allegro, CADSTAR and other vendors
  • Import/export STEP, DWG/DXF files for mechanical envelope design
  • Circuit analysis for cross-channel interference, logic line race conditions, and other high-speed digital concerns
  • Tied in with vendor inventories and use of standard configuration managed component libraries

Design-For-Test (DFT)

  • Incorporate access to signals on prototype boards in design process
  • Circuit activity verified to identify errors quickly
  • Test points removed for final production without affecting the circuit

Vendor management

  • Work with vendors to ensure design meets board layout rules, depending upon selected production process
  • Files supplied to the vendor are configured to meet the vendor-specific content and arrangement
  • Different vendors are selected based upon their strengths; e.g., prototyping vs. small-run production, heat-sink substrates vs. flex.