Enclosure Design

Enclosure design

  • SolidWorks for CAD design of enclosures
  • import/export files such as STEP Interfaces with other CAD packages
  • We perform interference analyses, proper placement of indicators for user feedback, and so on

Rapid prototyping

  • export CAD files to 3D prototyping using STL files to physically ensure proper fit
  • use external solutions in order to provide our customers with the latest technologies available for 3D prototyping
  • review the implementation for quality and acceptability with the customer
  • support customer A/B trials with multiple turns

Injection molding

  • automatically consider Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM) in our prototyping
  • incorporate injection molding features in the CAD design
  • apply manufacturing considerations such as one-way pull directions, side-actions, fastener accommodation, etc.
  • typically use high-impact, durable and tough thermoplastics (ABS)
  • additional options are available for medical grade, or softer and more pliable plastics