Program Support


  • Planning process includes both Agile/Scrum and waterfall (Gantt)
  • Both Sprints and Milestones are used to measure progress for constant knowledge of the design status
  • Occasional sit-downs confirm that both parties understand and agree on the path to take to completion

Idea generation

  • Experience in working with individuals and small teams for conceptualization
  • Techniques such as brainstorming, mind-mapping, and Tiger Teams, are used
  • Use of different technologies and techniques helps prevent dismissal of good ideas or other forms of groupthink, for example

Idea reduction

  • After conceptualization, the reduced ideas set is filtered
  • Process checks address feasibility, market segment analysis, business strategy analysis and so on
  • Solution frameworks are provide to focus information collection and make informed decisions
  • End result is a limited set of options which are actionable and practical